3rd Grade

Life is Good in 3rd Grade at

Southington Catholic School


We love the Fall when everything is fresh

and new. We all have new pencils,

notebooks, and smiling faces. We dive right

into all of our subjects with vigor.


Winter holds its own special feel. We love

the cold weather and awaiting the birth of

Jesus. Advent is a wonderful time of prayer

and anticipation. In third grade, we get

families together to make candy houses.



 Spring is our very favorite time of year.

We prepare to receive Jesus in

First Holy Communion. It is a day we look

forward to all year long. After our

First Eucharist, we wear out special clothes

again and honor Mary by crowning her with

flowers. We have a lovely gathering with the

whole school and sing songs that celebrate

the Mother of Jesus.


While we learn so much in Third Grade, we

also grow in our relationship with Jesus and

the church. 


Third Grade is a year filled with fun,

learning, spiritual growth and making life

long friends.


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Third Grade page.

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