Grade 5 Happenings



  Congratulations to Nicole Raymond, Matteus Abastillas, and Riley Wichman for being chosen essay winners at the DARE Graduation ceremony.  Everyone did an excellent job preparing their essays.  Officer Lopa commented on how difficult it was to choose the winners.  Thanks to all the parents who attended. 


            A reminder that our field trip to historic Wethersfield has been rescheduled to May 9th.  Students can wear casual clothes that day and must bring a bagged lunch.  There is also a small gift shop that students will be allowed to visit.


           Spring is upon us and the third marking period is on its way.  You can keep abreast of your child’s progress by checking their online grades.


           As soon as we finish our last story in our reading books, the students will become authors and will write their very own children’s book.  All creative writing of the stories will be completed in the classroom, but students must finish the project, including illustrations, at home.  More information on the project will be sent home with your child shortly.  Students will also be learning about persuasive techniques and will create commercials to present to their classmates. 


          In In social studies we will stray from our books for a bit to learn about map reading and latitude and longitude.  Then colonial life will come alive as we study chapter six.  Math class will be filled with the multiplying and dividing of fractions.  Lastly, our study using the Benzinger Family Life Program and the Lures Program will begin. 


         The fifth graders will soon be partnering with the sixth graders in performing poems for many voices.  Together they will have a poetry jam where they will present poems. Stay tuned for more information.





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