Grade 5 Happenings

 October News

The fifth grade students are doing well and are getting back into the daily routine of school.  So far this year, they have collaborated with partners in making movies about Ivan and the plight of other poached animals of the jungle, have written their first lab report, and have done an outstanding job giving speeches on why they would be the best Student Council Representative for the fifth grade. We will be voting for the winners shortly.

I hope everyone enjoyed our field trip to the Big E. I know the students enjoyed the food!  Thank you to all the chaperones that helped on the trip. It was a wonderful way to start the year together. A special thanks to the Mrs.Biancardi for donating water bottles to help the students cope with the hot weather.


 Thanks to all the parents who helped me out by contributing to the purchase of Scholastic Magazine this year.  It is a wonderful magazine that aids the students in understanding current issues in the world today.  It also incorporates videos and games that enhance the learning process.  The students always look forward to delving into it on Fridays.

Book reports are due on November 27tth.  This semester students must read a Newbery Award winning book.  I have introduced them to the choices and have given them suggestions on what books would be appropriate for their reading ability. This project has two parts.  Each part will count as a separate grade.  In addition to the book report, students will have to present a book talk. An outline detailing the components of the book report and book talk have been explained and distributed to the students.


 I look forward to meeting with all of you on the 17th and 18th for conferences.  Beforehand, I will send home a signup sheet to those who have not selected a time and confirmation slips as reminders.

 We are coming to the end of the first unit in many subject areas.  Students are reminded that studying for these chapter or unit tests are an important part of their homework.  Please make sure your child is using the quiz show games, online practice, and chapter essay reviews to help them prepare.  At this time, it is also imperative that the children understand the importance of studying and realize that it is part of their homework.  Some students have missed homework assignments. Remember even though homework is not graded and is for practice, it still counts.

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