Dear Parents,

We have been very busy during Spanish class.  Elementary school students have done a fantastic job learning greetings and farewells.  They have watched videos, learned songs and pretended to meet new friends.   

 PreK-4 to fifth grade students are going to focus on learning numbers and more numbers!  I have fun activities planned for this purpose.  We will read a variety of books about counting numbers, have class competitions and play bingo in Spanish…Yes! 

Middle school students will discuss seasonal celebrations in Latin America such as the Day of the Dead, which we will compare with All Saints Day and Halloween.

6th grade students will review (i) vocabulary for parts of the body, (ii) the Spanish alphabet to spell words and (iii) the calendar. 

7th grade students will complete the chapter “Tu dia en la Escuela” (Your day at school).  The children will talk about school schedules and subjects.  They will also review subject pronouns and learn to conjugate “ar” ending verbs.  Finally, the students will learn the correct pronunciation of the letter “c”.

8th grade students are finalizing a wide review of grammar and vocabulary learned from previous years.  They are working on subject pronouns, adjectives, plural forms, present tense “ar”, “er”, and “ir” ending verbs, classroom objects, prepositions and food vocabulary.

In the month of October, the class will study our community, leisure activities and learn how to formulate questions. They will also study the conjugation of the verb “to be”, which has two different forms in Spanish, “ser” and “estar”.


Cordial saludo,


Sra. Cawley