Pastors' Pledge

Three years ago, St. Thomas and St. Dominic parishes began a new endeavor. We collaborated in creating a new school. We sought to build upon the strengths of what each had offered in the past and move forward with a new, dynamic model of education for our future. What we created was Southington Catholic School. We welcome you to this wonderful community serving Southington and our surrounding towns and cities. Our school is founded upon the core tenants of our Catholic faith to nurture compassionate hearts and creative minds in all of our students. We offer a wonderful academic experience rooted in traditional educational principles enhanced with the new understanding of adapting to the needs of our students. We look forward to working with you in the education of your children and the formation of their spiritual lives. What began just a few years ago is thriving and growing. Southington Catholic School is committed to providing the best education of mind, heart, and soul. We are glad that you have come to share in that journey. With God’s blessings and our sharing in the Lord’s ministry, we look forward to many happy and productive years ahead.

 Father Ron May

 Father Joe Cronin