Art Club

Monday afternoons under the moderation of Mrs. Courtney Dechsler

National Junior Honor Society


Safety Patrol

Open to any interested students in Middle School Grades 6 to 8

Students help in the mornings and at dismissal time.  They are responsible for helping the duty teacher at the front door in the morning and the duty teacher at the north door at dismissal time.  They are usually assigned one day of the week and a morning or afternoon duty.  They serve as an extra pair of eyes when students are loading and unloading the school buses.

The Stock Market Game

The objective of the SMG program is to introduce its participants to the fundamentals of investing. Each fall the middle school students are divided into two teams for each grade.  They choose a team leader and are given $100,000 in virtual money that may invest as they see fit in the stock market.  Through the SMG they buy and sell stocks and get a day to day tracking of their investments.  Each week in the Hartford Courant they list the top 10 teams by grade levels.  At the end of the six weeks the top teams in Connecticut are invited to an awards ceremony at the Hartford Courant and receive prizes for their work.  A congratulatory ad is put in the newspaper also at the end of six weeks for the top winning schools.