Principal's Letter

After many years as principal in Catholic Schools in New York and Connecticut, I am pleased to be the Principal of Southington Catholic School.  It is my pleasure to be working with very dedicated Pastors, teachers and parents.  Students are energetic, welcoming and hardworking.  It is my desire to be working with the Southington Catholic School community for many years to come.

Having earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from St. John’s University, a Master’s Degree from Fairfield University and an Administrative Degree from Long Island University, I was honored to twice be named the regional National Catholic Education Association Principal of the Year.

Upon entering Southington Catholic School you will find calm, peaceful hallways with an amazing faculty and staff, and hardworking students fully engaged in their studies. Southington Catholic School is the fulfilment of the vision to merge St. Thomas School and St. Dominic School under the leadership of two supportive pastors.  The parent community is dedicated to the success of the school and is active in the many events associated with the school.

Religion is taught every day in every classroom, and students have ample opportunity to model their faith through the many social action projects that are important to the school. Students learn to work in cooperation with each other, and are frequently reminded of the mission of the school. 

The school combines traditional teaching methods with technology, which is  used to support the curriculum. Every academic classroom has an interactive white board, and there is ample technology for student use.  Standardized testing results attest to the high academic standards of Southington Catholic School with the present eighth grade students averaging eleventh grade, seventh months on last year’s standardized tests.  Students graduating from Southington Catholic School are very successful in high school, often receiving scholarships from the Catholic High Schools.

If you are interested in your child furthering his/ her education in a small setting with a nurturing faculty and staff, please consider visiting Southington Catholic School.  The school’s motto is creative minds, creative hearts, and the courage to act on their beliefs.  I believe you will see this in action. 

To visit our school please call for an appointment, 860-628-2485.