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Grade 1 – Southington Catholic School


One-derful First Graders




Reading:  In Units 9 and 10 of  Adventures of the Superkids, the children are learning to read and spell words that have two vowels together which are the sounds of long vowels. They are also learning to read and form contractions and compound words.  The stories are more challenging, filled with drama, and one is a modern version of an Aesop's fable.   


Math:  In chapter 6 of Progress in Mathematics, the junior mathematicians are learning addition and subtraction facts to 20. Because these facts are becoming more difficult, they are taught with stress on strategies that involve ways of grouping, counting on from the greater addend, doubles, making 10 from addends, and using patterns. They will be using "fact families" which are an important precursor concept for algebra. 



Phonics:  Phonics instruction is an integral part of learning to read, and children’s reading abilities develop best in an environment where language learning is both meaningful and functional.  In Sadlier Phonics, the students are working on the long vowel sounds of a, e, i, o, u, and the various ways they can be spelled. 


 Religion:  We attend Mass every first Friday at 12:10 at Saint Thomas Church.  All are welcome to attend.  We also attend Mass on holy days of obligation.  The children are reciting the Lord's Prayer, the Hail Mary, the Guardian Angel prayer, and the Glory Be. They are currently learning that Jesus appointed the Apostles to care for the Church, and how the pope and bishops care for the Church today.   


Science:  The junior scientists are currently working on a project entitled "Toys From Trash." They are using recycled materials and their creativity to create new toys. Every day in class we reduce, reuse, and recycle to make sure we keep God's earth as clean as we can.     


Writing:  The emerging writers are writing sentences that go along with the Superkids reading program.  They are writing dictation sentences, sentences about an event, making a sign, and writing complete sentences using punctuation marks.