Grade 1

Hello Parents and Students!

In first grade we are working diligently to cement a foundation of skills that will help us to achieve great success in the future.



Throughout the year, within the subject of religion, students will study Catholic social teachings, the Church, and prayer. We will be using the We Believe Religion textbooks, covering the following units: Unit 1-Jesus teaches us about God’s love, Unit 2-We are followers of Jesus, Unit 3-We belong to the Church, and Unit 4-We celebrate and live our Faith.


Within the subjects of reading and writing, our first grade class will use the SuperKids reading program. Lessons will cover phonics and structural analysis, spelling, comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, writing, grammar usage and mechanics, decoding words, and fostering a love of reading.


Within the subject of science students will gain understanding of the following topics: Unit 1- Animals, Unit 2- Plants, Unit 3-Environments, Unit 4- Earth’s Resources, and Unit 5- Weather and Seasons.

Social Studies

Within the subject of social studies, students will study the people that live and work together throughout our worlds past and present.