Think Spring!

Think Spring


We are moving along nicely in second grade as we enter into the third trimester!

Math – In our progress in mathematics program second grade has begun unit 10 – Fractions and Probability. In Chapter 10 students will identify unit and non-unit fractions, compare and order fractions, predict outcomes and solve problems by drawing a picture.

Science – In our Science Fusion program we have been studying all about the weather. Some essential questions that will be answered in Unit 7 are How does weather change? How does the sun heat the earth? What are some weather patterns? How can we measure precipitation? How can we prepare for severe weather?

Phonics – In our sadlier phonics program second graders are learning how to identify words with vowel digraphs and diphthongs. Digraphs are vowels that are next to each other but make up only one sound. Diphthongs are vowels that are together and make two sounds.

Writing – In writing students are using the writing process to create a personal story. The five steps of the writing process include planning, drafting revising, editing and publishing. 


Upcoming Events:  

3/22 - NO SCHOOL,  3/26 - Early Release Day, 3/28 - HSA Dress Down day, 4/5- First Friday Mass, 4/15- 4/19 - Spring Break, 4/23- Early Release Day, 4/24 - HSA Dress Down Day