Grade 3

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We are enjoying the beginning fall and using what the season brings to further learn in the classroom.


Academic Highlights

Reading- We are finishing up Unit 1 and will be starting Unit 2. We will read Expository Text and “RAP” response our comprehension questions.

Math- We are learning and practicing multi-digit addition and subtraction. We will use this to compare sums and differences as well as solve word problems.

Phonics/Spelling- We are practicing long vowel digraphs and rules for adding suffixes.

Social Studies- We start each Social Studies learning about one of Presidents. We are still studying different types of communities.

Science- We will be studying Force, Motion, Gravity, and Magnetism. We will also be doing research in the Science Lab on seasonal experiments.

Writing- We will write thank you notes, acrostic poems, and descriptive paragraphs.

Religion- We are finishing Chapter 2.  We have learned about the Old Testament of the Bible, Jesus’s greatest teachings, and how Jesus taught his disciples about faith.



Classroom Highlights

Morning Message

Every morning we start our day with Morning Message. Students will answer a question on the board after they are unpacked. Here are a few of our favorites from October so far.




Postcard Exchange

We are enrolled in a Postcard Exchange with classrooms all across the United States. We send each of these classrooms a postcard from our state of Connecticut. We teach them some interesting facts about our home state. In return, we receive a postcard from their classroom and learn about the state they live in. So far we have received a postcard from Utah and Hawaii.



October Highlights

Special Days

October 10th was National Stop Bullying Day. Third Graders pledged to CHOOSE KIND!


Apple Study- Sink or Float

We teamed up with our friends in 2nd Grade and headed to the Science Lab to study apples. We formulated hypotheses, graphed the data and tested our predictions. We had so much fun discovering if apples sink or float.