Grade 3

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Academic Highlights


Reading- We are working on Unit 4. Our stories this month include Expository Text and our first Fable. We will be learning more about the parts of a sentence.

Math- We are finishing Topic 8 on Division. Our Wall of Fame of Multiplication Masters is starting to fill up!

Phonics/Spelling- We are studying schwa sounds and syllable division.

Science- We are learning about Plants. Our Science Projects and presentations are due this month.

Social Studies- We are studying culture environments. We are also learning about Black History Month and President’s Day.

Religion- We have started our Communion Books as we start to prepare for the Sacrament in the Spring.


Classroom Highlights

Morning Message

Every morning we start our day with Morning Message. Students will answer a question on the board after they are unpacked. Here are a few of our favorites.




Postcard Exchange

We are enrolled in a Postcard Exchange with classrooms all across the United States. We send each of these classrooms a postcard from our state of Connecticut. We teach them some interesting facts about our home state. In return, we receive a postcard from their classroom and learn about the state they live in. So far we have received postcards from New York, Hawaii, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Mississippi, and North Carolina.


Classroom Highlights

Contraction Surgery




Read Aloud