Welcome To Grade 4

Welcome to Fourth Grade at Southington Catholic School!

This promises to be a fantastic year in Grade 4! This year will be filled with a deepening understanding and participation in the Catholic faith, learning about Connecticut history, expressing thoughts and feelings through writing, identifying with characters in stories, exploring scientific ideas, and much more!!!! 

In our fourth grade religion curriculum, students will continue to examine their relationship with God and their role in the Church. The students will gain a deeper understanding of the Ten Commandments and participate in social action projects.

We will be reading stories from our anthology, Reading Street.  We will explore varied themes through fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and plays. There will be opportunity to grow as readers, analyzing text and reading for detail.

Through our Language Arts, students will be studying grammar, including parts of speech and sentence structure. Students will explore different types of writing, as well as using the writing process.

Through our mathematics text, enVision Math, students will further their understanding of place value and math operations, including multi-digit multiplication and division. In addition, students will work with fractions and decimals, geometry, and data interpretation.

In Social Studies, students will gain an understanding of how the government works. We will be studying Connecticut’s history, geography, and economics.

Through study and experiments, we will explore physical, earth, and life science. The students will gain an understanding of how God calls us to be caretakers of our world.