Grade 5 Happenings








The 2018/2019 school year is nearing its end.  I am so proud of the academic growth all my students have made this year.  They are hardworking, responsible, positive individuals, and I am confident they are ready for the challenges middle school offers. 

Please join us for First Friday Mass on June 7th at 12:10. The fifth graders will present the readings and will serve at the Mass.

Hurrah for the fifth-grade authors!  They are done with their children’s books and will soon be reading their masterpieces to students in the lower grades. The class will also be using persuasive techniques and their acting skills to sell products they created. I can’t wait to see what they have come up with. 

It took them all year, but the students have learned where all our states are located, their capitals, and how to spell each.  The final test of all fifty states will be this Friday, June 7th.

Everyone is invited to celebrate the students’ accomplishments at the Awards Ceremony on the last day of school.  Check Mrs. Sampiere’s weekly newsletter for the time.

I would like to thank you all for sharing your children with me.  They are a terrific group of young people, who have worked hard for me all year.

I wish you all an enjoyable and exciting summer!    


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 Humans and the Environment  By Tyler and Alex

 How We Hurt and Can Help the Environment!  By Riley