Grade 5 Happenings




         Welcome to Southington Catholic and the beginning of fifth grade! The 2017/2018 school year will be an exhilarating one. We will start our year off with a project that involves our summer reading. Students will be creating videos depicting the story and what they learned about the captivity of animals.

         Homework is a very important element of learning. It allows students to practice new concepts taught in school. Though most homework assignments are not graded and are for practice purposes only, they do count towards a student’s grade. It is very important that the students stay organized and use their assignment pads daily. It may be a good idea for parents to check their child’s assignment pad regularly to assure it is being used. I will also be posting all homework assignments on Educonnect daily.  As your child’s teacher I try to build responsibility in each student. It is important that you as parents work with me in this respect. Each semester students will be assigned book reports and projects. It is crucial that they budget their time and begin these projects at home early. If they take their time and complete these assignments little by little, they won’t feel overwhelmed and will be successful.

       Reading Street is the reading program we will be using in fifth grade.  It has many technology components that we will be using in the classroom.  In Reading, fifth graders will be graded on vocabulary sentences, quizzes on each story, and standardized tests that evaluate their knowledge of skills taught in each unit. In addition, students will write in a weekly response journal and will be using the Read Theory Program to strengthen vocabulary and comprehension skills.

        In English, the students will be studying grammar and will be exploring different writing techniques. Voyages in English is the text series they will use. In September they will learn about proper punctuation. They will also learn about nouns and where they are used within a sentence. In addition to this, students will be assigned oral reports, and various projects throughout the year. It is very important for them to be prepared on the day a project is due. Any late assignments will result in lost points.

         Each week the fifth graders will have two spelling tests. The first will be a states and capitals test. It will be given every Thursday. During most weeks students will receive one or two new states and capitals to study, but they will also be responsible for those previously assigned. By the end of the year, the students will not only know how to spell all our states and capitals, but they will be able to locate them on a blank map. The second test will be on the weekly spelling list found in their reading workbooks.  I will also send home a worksheet each week containing weekly spelling and challenge words along with new reading vocabulary words and their definitions. 

         I will be sending home social studies and math CDs for parents to download onto their home computers to assist their child in studying for chapter tests. I ask parents to send these CDs back to school with their child the next day as I only have a few copies, and all students need to download them. I encourage students to utilize these Mind Point Quiz Shows when studying as they are an extremely valuable tool when preparing for chapter tests.

         The students will be assigned a name and password to use for Pearson online practice. The same username and password can be used for both pearson successnet (math and reading) and pearson realize (science and reading). Once I have this set up, I will send home a sheet with this information. Students who complete the online practice for each topic in math before the topic test, will receive bonus points on that test.

          Our science program is called Interactive Science. It has many interactive components that we will be utilizing in the classroom.  These components will also aid students in preparing for quizzes and tests.  In addition to tests and quizzes, students will be responsible for completing group labs and writing lab reports. 

         I am asking parents to purchase a flash drive for their child. We do a lot of creative writing and the students will be expected to type many of their final copies. When I find mistakes, students need to correct those mistakes and reprint. Much of this goes on in the classroom so it is important that students keep all their creative writing papers on their flash drives.

         I am looking forward to spending a wonderful school year filled with much learning, lots of hard work, and some fun too!



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