Grade 5 Happenings






Happy New Year to all.  Catholic Schools’ Week will be celebrated from January 27th through February 2nd.  The students will be participating in interesting, educational, and fun filled activities.  Please refer to the monthly calendar and Mrs. Sampiere’s weekly newsletters to keep abreast of all the exciting events of the week. 


Kudos to Trinity Muro, Alex Clough, and Tyler Benoit for being outstanding readers at the last First Friday Mass.  Father May was very impressed by their poise on the altar. 


The reading project for the second semester will be a Poetry File.  Students will be receiving information shortly on this project. It will be due on February 22th.  It is one of my favorites because the children really enjoy finding, reading, and sharing their favorite poems.  At the end, they have a personal collection they will treasure forever.


Don’t forget that on January 9th, students will be traveling to The Knights of Columbus Museum in New Haven for part of the school day.  They will need to bring a bagged lunch on that day. 


The fifth grade will begin their ten-week D.A.R.E. course soon.  A Southington Police officer will be coming in weekly to teach the fifth graders about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol.  He will also teach them how to make good decisions, how to deal with peer pressure, and how to live their lives making positive personal choices.  The students will then be asked to compose a D.A.R.E. essay. We will be writing these in our English class, and the papers will count as a grade in English.  Every student needs to write an essay in order to graduate from the D.A.R.E. Program.  I will send a note home with the date and time of the graduation as soon as I have that information.


In English, the students will continue their study of nouns and then will be creating original fables.  In Social Studies they will learn about the Renaissance   and then will join the Vikings in chapter three as they take their first steps on the continent of North America, long before Columbus. 


In math, we are beginning Topic 6, Variables and Expressions. Students usually enjoy doing the problems in Topic 6. They should remember to go online for practice and to boost their grade.   In science, the students are finishing their study of force and Newton’s Laws.  They will begin exploring the structures of both plants and animals.  It is important for the students to save the reviews for each lesson that they complete and use them to help with their studies before a test.  Also, in science, we are continuing to go to the lab and completing experiments.  It is important that the students take their time and do a neat and accurate job when writing their lab reports.   


           I wish all of you a healthy, happy, and productive New Year. 



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