Grade 5 Happenings




During Catholic Schools’ Week, the fifth-grade students enjoyed a visit from State Representative Gale Mastrofrancesco.  She spoke to them about her job and explained how laws were made.  The representative was very impressed with the questions the students had prepared for her.

The class has been responsible for the morning welcome and readings.  Each student is scheduled twice with a partner.  Thus far, everyone has gone once, and all did an Awesome job!!

On Thursday, Feb. 14th, student may bring in Valentine cards or treats to share with their classmates.  Information on Valentine Candygrams will also be sent home.  This supports our Student Council and their efforts to raise money for charity. 

Students should be reading a lot of poetry and working on their Poetry Files at home.  All criteria for the project was explained and sent home with the them.  Completing one section a week, will make the project less stressful.  They are due on Feb. 22nd.

In Written Language, we will be preparing narrative speeches to present to the class.  Students will then create fables to share in a classroom book.  When all that’s complete, we will delve into the world of pronouns.  Click on the pronoun game sites at the bottom of my Classroom News page for added practice.

The students will be learning about Hernando Cortes in chapter four of social studies.  They will understand what his mission was for Spain with the Aztec people and their leader, Montezuma.   Students will be watching a wonderful History Channel movie about the Aztecs and Cortes.  In science, the students are studying chapter five, Interactions in Ecosystems. 

We are finishing up our study of Confirmation in religion class. Student posters on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are due on Feb. 15th.  We will then begin our study of the Eucharist.

Math has us multiplying and dividing decimals and then we will enter the world of geometry by studying shapes and angles.




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