We are glad you stopped by to take a look! 

The students’ day always starts with Religion.  The children learn how God’s love is reflected in creation and in the life and teaching of Jesus.  The children celebrate the church’s liturgical year and learn about Baptism and the Eucharist.  They also participate in prayer services.  We will be having a prayer service for Thanksgiving.  The students will bring in canned good to be donated to The Southington Food Pantry.  When the children participate in this type of activity they will learn how to work cooperatively with others, learn to show respect, kindness, and compassion towards others.  Kindergarten also has a very special celebration for Guardian Angel Day.  We make applesauce and cinnamon angel ornaments that we give to our families and the teachers here at Southington Catholic School.

The next activity of the day is Literacy.  We use The Super Kids Reading Program and the students just love it!   There are 13 Superkids characters that introduce the letters of the alphabet and their sounds.  This is a rigorous program that teaches children to read and write. One of the activities that we do is make cooking caps when we finish our first book called Cass. 

We will also have a day where we will dress up as our favorite Superkid.

Math is up next.  We have learned how to sort items by color, size and shape.  We are now learning about geometry, plane and solid figures and patterns.  Then we will learn position words and then on to numbers 0-31.  Vocabulary and problem solving is taught in each chapter.

In the afternoon we have Science and Social Studies.  We use Time For Kids magazine for our social studies that keeps us up to date on what is happening in communities and the world.  In science we are learning all about the science of apples in preparation of the Apple Harvest Festival we have in Southington. We read a book about Johnny Appleseed, made a 3D model of an apple showing the different stages of an apple tree from seed to mature tree with apples ready to pick.  We also tasted different types of apple and made a graph of the apples we liked the best.  We enjoyed making homemade applesauce in the class and eating it. Yum!!!  We will be enjoying a field trip to the Minor Farm to do apple and pumpkin picking and enjoying some apple cider.

Everything we do in our kindergarten curriculum has a technology component.  We have a Smart Board, a Smart Table and computers for each student.  These technologies are used in every subject everyday.                                           

I hope you enjoyed your visit. Stop by again soon!