Welcome to Kindergarten at Southington Catholic School! This is my first year at SCS and I am so thrilled to become a part of this family. 

My goal for my clever Kindergarten students is to get them excited and eager to come to school every day. I believe that making students excited to learn is the foundation to a successful year.

Here's what we will be learning in Kindergarten!


The students will be involved in many hands-on and interactive math activities. The students will learn many things; one-to-one counting, measuring, sorting by different attributes, comparing size and number, classifying, graphing, developing number sense and relationships, recognizing geometric shapes, telling time, calendar skills, and so many problem solving activities that relate to real world situations!


Literacy (Reading and Writing) 

In Kindergarten, we provide the foundation for students to become successful and enthusiastic readers! We use the Super Kids program here at Southington Catholic, which is the core to our literacy program. This integrates reading, writing, grammar, and spelling. It is aligned to our state standards and is fun for the students! The students will develop print awareness, phonological awareness, phonics and how to decode words, comprehension, and vocabulary and writing skills.


In religion, we focus on so many concepts that it is important the students learn. We say prayers throughout the entire day; before school, snack, lunch, and at the end of the day before we go home. The students are involved in following along with our textbook 'We Believe' and in the beginning of the year we focus on God's gifts and the Light of God.  


Who doesn't love science? Our science program we follow is called Science Fusion. We learn many things about our five senses, how to observe and measure, weather and climate, forces and motion, plants and animals, and plenty more. Science is a great way for the students to show their thinking skills as well as bringing the real world into the classroom! 

Social Studies

The students will learn about emphasizing on themselves as a person and an individual in the first few months of school (i.e., all about me, the best I can be, where I am, etc.). They will also learn things like the importance of cooperation at home, school and their community, traditions of various holidays and how they are celebrated, individuals who have changed our country in significant ways, how we are responsible to protect the Earth, and so much more!


Yes you read that right! We participate in centers in Kindergarten, which is a great way to let the children move around while be able to learn in the classroom. The students rotate in a big circle around the classroom to the following centers: writing, math, play/creative, reading, SMART table, Miss Rush, & lastly iPads. We will also have a special center on the SMART board that will have fun and educational games on there.  


Coming soon!