MS Language Arts

Mrs. Muro

6th-8th Grade

Middle School Language Arts


 Hello, and welcome to the Middle School Language Arts page!

 Language arts and literature classes are enjoyable, engaging, and meaningful. In middle school, our main goal is to nurture a love of reading and writing. At the same time, we want to prepare students for standardized tests, high school, and the world we live in. 

Language Arts:

Vocabulary- Small, orange Sadlier books are used in grades six through eight. We do a unit every 7-10 days. The students write in their books and are quizzed after every unit. They are tested after every three units; tests always include all the words, starting back from unit one. To prepare for quizzes and tests, the students should study their orange books and practice on No sign-in or password is needed for this site. 


Grammar- These quizzes and tests are based on the sections in their textbook. They should also study from their grammar notebooks. Various activities help us practice proper grammar throughout the year.

Essays- These are done on Google Docs. The students always compose at least one rough draft and should proofread their paper before submitting. First draft receives a classwork grade. Final draft receives a quiz grade for the 500-word essays and a test grade for the 3-page (or more) essays . The teacher will specify the word or page count for each essay. We use MLA format to be consistent with the high schools and college. We include parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page when necessary.


Reading book- For the large reading book, there are only tests and no quizzes. They occur more quickly because the students are tested after each short story. Tests include comprehension,vocabulary, and written responses.


Novels/chapter books- The students are quizzed multiple times throughout the books and are tested mid-book and at the end of the book. Assessments include comprehension, vocabulary, and written responses. Study guides are always provided to the students.


Literary essays- Students will compose essays about the books they read. The criteria is similar to the language arts essays, with the addition of literary analysis.



The students will engage in a variety of creative activities that help them comprehend the material including written assignments, skits, crafts, mini posters, games, stories, and slideshows. Check minuses for incomplete or unsatisfactory work can usually be redone/fixed to raise the grade.



Homework always helps to prepare students for assessments. Often the homework is simply to study for the quizzes and tests. In most cases, assignments will receive full credit only if they are submitted on time and if maximum effort is exerted.



Every trimester the students are responsible for choosing a book from the “book club” shelf and then completing a project and book report form. Handouts will explain the grading and criteria. There will also be other creative projects enjoyed throughout the year.


Standardized test Practice:

Sixth and seventh graders will prepare for Iowa tests by various assignments and by working on . Eighth graders will prepare for high school placement tests and achievement tests.


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