Sixth Grade

6th Grade - Middle School Language Arts

Mrs. Muro

6th Grade

Middle School Language Arts

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What a great time we are having in Middle School! The sixth graders have been working on their essays, including a Works Cited page and parenthetical citations. They have already learned MLA format to prepare for high school. We are enjoying learning all of our vocabulary, grammar, and reading the wonderful novel, The Cay, which is a historical fiction and coming-of-age novel. Each one of the students are enjoying their laptops, and learning using Google Docs and Easybib. Soon sixth graders will be typing a 3-page research paper.

Seventh graders have been typing essays and literary analysis. They just finished their Google Slides presentations Students are also looking forward to typing their own novelettes! Seventh graders did a wonderful job on their 5-page research paper, all done in MLA format. They enjoy blogging on what they read.

Eighth graders have already begun building a website from scratch. They have created and designed their own webpages and have included page descriptions and photos. Next they will "go out on the scene" to events such as "Apple Harvest Festival," sports events, and The Big "E" field trip to write their first articles of the year. The students have been conducting interviews and recording videos to make this website authentic and stimulating. Eighth graders will also soon be writing their own novelettes. They just finished their 7-page research papers and then created a Goggle Slides presentation. Soon after that they will be creating their own "niche" blogs!


Having fun and learning lots!!



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Sixth Grade