Religion and Our World

We will learn not only about God's Word but also about his expectations of us.  How can we honor God by caring for one another? How can we live his word each and every day with both our friends and family?  How should we steward this beautiful world he gifted to us? 
Our learning will take us through both the Old and the New Testament. We will discuss, debate, listen, and create.  Importantly, we will grow as a school community. 
In geography, we will move around the world exploring its lands, ocean, and people.  Our research and discussion will include geopolitical issues, with particular attention paid to the Human Rights issues experienced by children and their families.
The Pope's Encyclical on Ecology & Climate Change will help us think about our responsibilities as stewards of God's great Earth.  Pope Francis writes, "Climate change is a global problem with grave implications:  environmental, social, economic, and political ... It represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity today."

Mrs. Patricia Carroll

Middle School Religion & Social Studies