Pre K 4

Welcome to PreK-4! We are very busy having fun learning. I firmly believe that every child is special. I am very excited to have the opportunity to teach children and work together with their families! Below are some of the wonderful things that we learn in our classroom.



Pray daily

* Learn the Lord’s Prayer

* Learn to act according to the way Jesus taught us:

* Love our family and neighbors

* Cooperate with others

* Share with peers

* Be kind to others

* Act unselfishly

Reading Readiness

 Learn story structure and appreciation through listening to classic children’s literature

* Print and book awareness skills, such as print directionality

* Letter recognition

* Fine motor skills, such as drawing lines, using scissors, and gluing

* Auditory sound discrimination and phonological awareness skills

* Listening and following directions

* Vocabulary and concepts: such as same, different: in, on: and top, middle, bottom

* Emergent writing through dictation


Recognize and names basic geometric shapes

* Count to 20 and beyond

* Recognize and extends simple patterns

* Identify colors

* Recognize and names numerals

* Match numeral with objects

Social Studies and Science

* Begin to understand family needs, roles, and relationships

* Describe some people’s jobs

* Learn to follow classroom rules

* Collect and describe information through a variety of means

* Asks questions or comments on observations